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A few words from the clinic manager & director Steve

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I write this at the launch of our new website but in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing is for sure, when I decided to take on the role as clinic manager and step into a Director role for the clinic in Feb of 2020, I had no idea what the wider world had in store for me and the clinic in general but given I like a good challenge, I feel I’m a good person for the job!

After 7 years of working at the clinic as a Nutritionists & Functional Medicine Practitioner, I was offered the opportunity to take on the Charterhouse Clinic London. My role is to develop it and improve it as a space in which clinicians from a variety of backgrounds can work cohesively and feel supported by our team.

I feel passionately about this as it was this clinic that enabled me to grow as an independent practitioner, establishing myself and my business to the point where in recent months I have been able to open up my own clinic space in Marylebone where I now have a team of Nutritionists, taking therapists and Functional Medicine Doctors working with me. I feel as a clinician myself, I am in a good position to both action what is appropriate for the clinic as well as the clinicians that put trust in us to run their business from The Charterhouse Clinic.

I want to champion those clinicians with the drive and ambition to grow their practice. In doing so we are offering combinations of ad hoc hourly and also daily bookings as well as licence agreements when clinicians are more established and want to guarantee their room. We offer significant discounts on day bookings and licence agreements as well as very competitive rates for hourly bookings with clinicians wanting to do more ad hoc work. We have also recent added in further discounts on weekends for hourly and daily rates.

As the new clinic manager, I can only do what I do with the support of our great reception team, led by Ceecee, the Reception & Clinician Manager. Ceecee and I work very closely and are striving to take the clinic to another level both during this pandemic and also afterwards as well.

We as a team look forward to supporting you as a clinician, whether you are already at the clinic or if you are someone who is considering joining our clinic.

Many Thanks
Steve Grant

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